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L musée de a préistoire des Eyzies

Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, a prehistoric centre of culture, has been classed by the UNESCO among world cultural heritage. You will find a collection of prehistorical evidence as well as world renowned archaeological and environmental sites in a countryside where nature seems to attend to man's pleasure ...
From the National Museum of Prehistory you have a view onto the huge statue of Neanderthal man  dominating the valley. In this fortress built under the rocky overhang is a treasure trove of the mysterious and fascinating history of our distant cousins.

Statues issues du Paléolithique

The cave paintings of Lascaux, a unique presentation of prehistoric art, displays Cro-Magnon's life as hunter and artist, as warrior and inestimable insight not to be missed.

The cave paintings of Lascaux are very near the luxurious and charming house of the Truffière. Thereby it will be extremly easy to go and visit those caves and museums.

The paintings below give you an idea of what you'll be able to see there. Lascaux speaks for itself. Within the 250 metres of natural limestone caves and galleries carved out by ancient oceans and rivers over 250 million years ago there is the Axial Gallery and the Hall of Bulls which between them contain more than 1500 images !

Les grottes de Lascaux  Peinture rupestre  Lascaux  peinture des grottes de lascaux

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